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Why a Wine Cellar?

** About Us

A Natural Evolution . . .

We didn't just wake up one morning and decide to make custom wine cellars. The concept was a somewhat natural evolution which spanned over two decades.

Twenty years ago, the company's efforts were directed toward making quality custom furniture. In those early days, owner Mike Pettis realized that there was a genuine need for custom design and construction. It was because of this need that he developed and created his business and adopted the name "From-A-Tree". Mike's success can be directly attributed to his basic philosophy. He has always believed that building quality custom furniture also builds quality custom relationships. Working closely with interior designers, businesses, and residential customers, Mike soon carved his niche in the community.

As his client base grew, so too did his clients' unique custom requests and demands. Working hand in hand with local builders and contractors, it soon became apparent that control of the entire construction phase would better benefit the projects. Mike concluded that a natural evolution of the business would be to obtain his builders license in order to better control all aspects of the construction, and thereby maintain a higher level of quality throughout.

Custom woodworking and design has been a passion of Mike's for his entire adult life. He takes great pride in his creations, and is known to be a "perfectionist" in his field - always giving you "just what you wanted".

As a result of his passion for working with wood, along with his accumulative achievements in the woodworking field, his business "Custom Wine Cellars" evolved. Share in the experience, request a quote today.

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